White Hats

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White Hats

I am seeing more and more articles by qualified people stating that Omicron was also made in a lab and released. They declare that Omicron is a LAV (Live Attenuated Virus) and that the release was intentional, not accidental.  What does that mean?  It means that the virus was deliberately weakened and then released.  They intentionally wanted a mild version to go endemic. It would then act like a “vaccine” giving everyone immunity (herd immunity). When you look at the evidence that seems like a plausible theory.

What to expect next?

A time frame of two months seems to be cropping up. Riccardo Bossi also indicated storing food for a few months and keeping our heads down.


So, are we to believe that  a group of good guys out there (white hats) is coming to the rescue?  I very much doubt it. What we are seeing is rival gangs struggling for position. Whoever wins (or loses) the bankers always win in the end.