Who to believe?

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Who to believe?

If you listen to pro-Ukrainian propaganda the Ukraine is winning and if you listen to Russia then Russia is winning.  So I have put two different video perspectives on this page.  My opinion (for what it is worth) is that Russia has achieved it’s objectives.  It cleared out the Azov brigades, it destroyed the biolabs and it gathered valuable intelligence (comprimat for leverage).  It also decoupled from the dollar making it’s economy stronger and more independent.  It is Europe and Germany that is in trouble not Russia. They need Russian gas and that cannot be replaced by American LPG.  Zelenskyy will negotiate for peace because NATO does not want a war with Russia. Apart from supplying weapons and intel NATO has effectively abandoned Ukraine.

The weapons Ukraine uses against Russia (11 min)

My comment: War porn. The west armed ISIS and destroyed Syria and Iraq and set the middle east on fire. Now they arm the nutter NAZI brigades. More passengers planes will be shot out the sky (and blamed on Russia). Instead of a peaceful resolution keep poking the bear and see what happens. I am not a Putin fan but he cannot afford to lose. He has been restrained up to now but he will practice the American techniques and carpet bomb civilian cities into rubble. Instead of peace he is being pushed to go nuclear. Even if it is tactical nuclear. Very foolish. All so that the Deep Swamp corrupt state of Ukraine can keep its dirty little secrets.

Russia Braces To Go Full Force In Donbass