Who will de-Nazify Israel?

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Who will de-Nazify Israel?

Putin is de-Nazifying the wrong country (lolz).  Now we know that the Germans won the war after all. All the early NATO chiefs were ex-Nazis. Van der Lyden is herself the progeny of the SS.  All the early American Scientists were recruited at Neuremberg in operation paperclip.  Hitler was a Jewish Golem just as the Bolsheviks were a Jewish Golem.  If you create the dialectic you can steer it towards the desired outcome and it does not matter who “wins”….

Unless…unless….someone pulls the curtain to one side and you see who is really pulling the strings.


Richard Medhurst, Chris Hedges and Craig Murray Speak Out for Palestine (1:26 min)
Very powerful. Recommended.  Especially Craig Murray at about 47 min.  

Phil Giraldi : Israel’s Control Over America (27 min)

🔴 BREAKING: Israel and Hezbollah on brink of all-out war | Syriana Analysis (9 min)