Why Is It So Cold In Australia Right Now?

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Why Is It So Cold In Australia Right Now?

Why Is It So Cold In Australia Right Now? How long will it last? A Real Paleo-climatologist Explains (14 min)

Why is it so cold right now? will it last? A climate scientist explains https://bit.ly/3zeFwfm GFS Model Temperature Anomaly Australia https://bit.ly/3GEqXDq Impact of PDO and AMO on interdecadal variability in extreme high temperatures in North China over the most recent 40-year period https://bit.ly/3m470wn Real Global Temps Historical Graph https://bit.ly/3wZxrsc UAH Global Temps 1980-Present https://bit.ly/38JrMOM AMO and PDO Graph https://bit.ly/3NdHBMv

Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation (AMO) and Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO) …

No problem because SA premier Peter Malinauskas has the solution.   He just declared a climate emergency.  He should just have a throne erected on Glenelg beach and like King Canute command the tide not to come in.   Honk, honk.  Clown world at its best.


Woah what’s coming off the wings and News (35 min)

This is about 35 min without the intro and outro.   Mike mentions Australia at about 30 min look at the spraying at about 33 mins ends 38 then outro.