Woke West Imploding & Musings on Amyloids

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Woke West Imploding & Musings on Amyloids

Not watched this either.  If you are easily offended skip the intro.  Dr Kevin McCairn has been correct about amyloid and prions and the West is under attack   through Marxist Woke-ism. The only way to fight against this is to attack with humor, memes and real science.  An academic debate is no longer possible with these people. They are engaging or supporting democide.  We cannot be silent but must speak out against the lies.   This video is from the WTYL platform (The raccoons own platform) which has been having problems but I have placed the link to the Dlive version (which stays up for a couple of weeks). We are under attack:


When Wokeness Eats Itself 🍿 (4 min)

Woke West Imploding & Musings on Amyloids (2:41)

Just watching now…..the Mike Adams piece at about 1:35 is frightening…..what a pity that he had to destroy it bt talking about “reptile-like” and  “nano structures” etc….he was clearly playing to the Alex Jones audience.  This discredits the science as their are established links between amyloid and fibrin formation.

The elasticity of an individual fibrin fiber in a clot

 Analysis of β-Amyloid-induced Abnormalities on Fibrin Clot Structure by Spectroscopy and Scanning Electron Microscopy

The Correlations Between Plasma Fibrinogen With Amyloid-Beta and Tau Levels in Patients With Alzheimer’s Disease


The Dlive link: https://dlive.tv/p/dlive-lggfookvdm+aj21-Se7g