WW3 Prelude

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WW3 Prelude

Netanyahu ICC Warrant, Raisi Killed Air Crash; Rus Takes Belogorovka Storms Chasov Yar; Assange Wins (1:25 min)

Iran helicopter crash. Nuland, hit military bases. Rise of Yermak. G7 new Russia asset scheme (42 min)


🔴 Panic in NATO as Russia Devastates Ukraine’s Army | Syriana Analysis w/ Andrei Martyanov (55 min)

“Sanctions On Russia Have FAILED!” & Only Hurt Europe Says Hungary’s Foreign Minister (8 min)

China & Russia Join Forces To Build A “New World Order”! (23 min)

Scott Ritter : Reality in Ukraine (31 min)

Col. Douglas Macgregor : What the Media Won’t Tell You (32 min)

Larry Johnson : CIA and Revolution in Georgia (31 min)

Ray McGovern : Russia/China/Ukraine (30 min)