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X-flare headed towards earth arrives next few days.

Major Solar Flare Measuring X1.0 from AR 2887 Just Occurred – CME Confirmed To Be Earth Directed! (3 min)

Sun fires off major solar flare from Earth-facing sunspot https://bit.ly/3bk8zAN GOES X-RAY FLUX https://dpa-images.s3.amazonaws.com/g… A major solar flare measuring X1.0 was just observed around AR 2887 at 15:35 UTC. The active region is directly facing Earth and should a CME be produced, it would almost certainly be directed towards our planet. https://www.solarham.net/ Subscribe To Oppenheimer Ranch Project – Our Main Channel! https://bit.ly/3loUQP8

X Class Solar Flare | Proton Radiation Storm, CME Earth-Directed (2 min)