Snake venom

Snake venom

A nearly four hour stream (3:53) in which (among other things) Dr. Kevin McCairn comments on Bryan Ardis whose videos have gone viral after he appeared on a number of Alt-media shows pushing his theory that all the covid symptoms are due to snake venom.  He even goes so far to say that “they” are adding it to the water.

Spoiler Operation?

In my view this is a spoiler operation that contains credible evidence mixed with absurdities. This is how you discredit a theory. You feed enough truth to make it plausible but then you muddy the waters with false equivalences that can be easily “debunked”.  I think this is an exercise in damage control because they realize that it is starting to penetrate public consciousness that  gp120HIV-1 epitope was found in Covid and coded into the mRNA S-protein.  This proves beyond doubt that the virus was man made as Arkmedic points out on his blogAs this truth becomes more accepted further investigations will show that there are other strange anomalies and unexplained “coincidences” to be discovered in the viral structure.  In fact, this has already been done but it has not penetrated the public consciousness yet.

Cholinergic Antagonists

Dr Kevin McCairn highlighted the above scientific paper months ago. There is evidence of the presence of rabies, snake venom and sea snail toxin (conotoxin) epitopes or at the very least fragments with overlapping homologous traits.  This was discussed by Dr Kevin McCairn in the stream below:

Cholinergic Antagonists

What all these toxins and bio-weapons have in common is that they target acetylcholine which is the chief neurotransmitter of the parasympathetic nervous system.

Sensationalist claims

The video makes a number of sensationalist claims such as that they are “adding it to the water” which I believe is a half-truth.  They are monitoring sewage because it is probably leaching out into the drinking water system.  There are no doubt “toxin-like” peptides in human waste: Toxin-like peptides in plasma, urine and faecal samples from COVID-19 patientsSome of Bryan Ardis’s connections are fascinating – particularly with Gilead and Cobra venom and between Moderna and Opherix.   I doubt his claim about Gilead’s  Remdesivir but I need to do more research on the topic.

Balm of Gilead

Opobalsamum, known to biblical scholars as the “balm of Gilead,”was also believed to counteract snake venom—something to which ancient priestesses, like those who worshiped Bacchus, Hecate, and Allecto, would have been exposed (see the Essenes,the Scrolls and the Dead Sea by Joan E.Taylor pp. 311-312).  It was an anticoagulant and was cultivated in Judea by the Hasmoneans and later passed on to Herod and his successors. Gilead holds a patent for Polypeptides and coagulation therapy

— Thrombin, a key enzyme in hemostasis, has both procoagulant and anticoagulant properties, based on its different substrate specificities. Thrombin is secreted from the liver as an inactive zymogen, prothrombin, that is activated by coagulation factors Va and Xa to yield mature α-thrombin. This process can be mimicked in vitro by the proteolytic cleavage of prothrombin with various snake venoms such as Echis carinatus venom. 

Gilead also has a method and composition  for the treatment of HIV and HBV infections in humans that employs snake venom in an intermediary phase  cf. snake venom phosphodisterase (this figure is taken from an action for patent infringement against an Indian company) on this see also Phosphodiesterases (PDEs) from Snake Venoms: Therapeutic Applications

The number of Venom-Derived Peptide Modulators is truly astounding and they are used for medical purposes…..but…but .they can also be used for military purposes.  This is dual use technology.

Bryn Ardis also links Moderna with Opherix a company that specializes in finding antidotes to snake venom and is now repurposing Varespladib (blocks secretory phospholipase-A2 (sPLA2), an enzyme fundamental to the functioning of many organisms’ innate immune response. In many animals, including venomous snakes, sPLA2 has evolved into a deadly poison. )

As the coronavirus pandemic surged in 2020, Ophirex reviewed earlier data to evaluate varespladib’s potential as an effective therapy for Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS), a primary cause of death in COVID-19 patients.

Our hypothesis is that varespladib may be able to address two critical mechanisms of ARDS — by stabilizing disregulated inflammatory response and by preventing lung surfactant degradation. If so, varespladib could quickly become a valuable tool for global treatment of COVID-19–associated ARDS in both advanced and low-resource health systems.

We are currently conducting the STAIRS study, a proof-of-concept clinical study of varespladib in COVID-19–associated ARDS, with next steps to be determined by the resulting data and the course of the pandemic.

Their research is also funded by and in cooperation with the following:

The Military, big Pharma and the WHO.

While researching this article I came across this Interview–Serguei Popov
Journal of Homeland Security (November 13, 2000) taken from Testimony of The Honorable Joseph Lieberman #2 (October 6, 2004).

Serguei Popov ran the Russian bio-warfare program and defected in 1992 when the Soviet Union started disintegrating. This is his questioning by Homeland Defense (I suggest you read the full interview this is an excerpt from the year 2000):

Homeland Defense: For the benefit of the non-scientific audience, could you describe what a peptide basically is?
Serguei Popov: A peptide is a short protein fragment. Peptides are of the same origin and display properties of proteins. But peptides are more direct in their action and properties. They may target specific functions. We have an example of small peptides like endorphins or enkephalins. Those peptides are approximately 30 amino acids long, and it is about 10 to 20 times [fewer] amino acids than in an average protein. The peptides can interact with a receptor, and they could be produced in a biological way. It's difficult to produce morphine or other drugs through genetic means. But endorphin peptides have similar properties. In the case of peptides, you make a very small DNA chain that codes for the peptide, and you introduce that gene into the genome of any agent. That's, in general, all you need.Small peptides that are neuro-active were capable of changing behavior. Some peptides also created changes of behavior and could have other activities, because they were multifunctional peptides. One example of this was vasopressin, which affects blood pressure. Some peptides were toxins, while others offered a completely new approach for causing autoimmune diseases.
Homeland Defense: What do you think about press reports which suggest it's possible to take the toxin from cobra venom and splice it into strains of influenza?
Serguei Popov: Those are all an exaggeration, but the idea is correct. I would doubt that cobra venom would be good for biological expression. Toxins must meet numerous specific 
requirements. But the simplest is that they should be easy to reproduce in biologically active ways. Many toxins are also big molecules, requiring energy and specific biological machinery to build and deliver them to their specific targets. If you consider the simplest toxin, it should be short, it should not be sensitive to the environment, and it should be stable when created inside the body.
Homeland Defense: Did you have any success in creating these?
Serguei Popov: Well, essentially, yes. There are several toxins which are very effective, like peptide toxins from cone snails (conotoxins). However, there were some problems. One of them was that those toxins required two specific cystine bridges. Without those bridges they weren't biologically active, and that was a complication.

Here is the original interview:

NHP Transcriptomic Landscape Following SARS-CoV-2 Infection & Venom In The Water? (3:53)

Approximate Running Order (not time stamped):

00:00 Memes
07:25 Start,housekeeping,chat
25:00 Patrick Lancaster’s family nearly hit by Rocket
35:00 UK Foreign Secretary lying about unconfirmed Russian chemical attack in Mariupol
48:00 Ukranian soldiers killed by Russian Tank (warning)
54:00 Russia moving ICBMs and China supplying Serbia with Missiles
56:00 French Reporter says Americans running everything on the front line.
01:05 Start of Bryan Ardis Snake venom in the water?


Others (including Dr McCairn) have pointed out the use of Cholinergic Antagonists. Perhaps Ardis sensationalist approach will help draw  public attention.  However, they are not adding venom to the water supply.  They have already added the venom epitopes to the virus and coded it into the mRNA.  Nevertheless, his links are interesting and his hypothesis is at least partly correct. Not all the scientists involved were corrupt…some of them probably thought they were helping to make a “universal vaccine” not a multi-purpose bio-weapon.   Smart people can be very dumb.  However, there are plenty of rotten apples and now is the time to stand up and dissociate yourself from the corrupt medical and scientific communities.