Sachs Sophistry

Sachs Sophistry

This is a very important video by J.C. as it exposes that Jeffery Sachs (who recently spoke with Kevin, Rixey and Nick) is actually controlled opposition. J.C. analyses a discussion that Sachs had where the warning signs flash loud and clear. In fact Meryl Nass has two great articles on Sachs:

So, Kevin’s initial suspicions were justified. Sachs is a snake in the grass. Dr Kevin McCairn is now in America and J.C. hopes to talk to him (and warn him) over a beer.

Below are some comments discussing the video etc (from different people), taken from the raccoon discord server.  I thought they were important and they show the high caliber of the raccoon audience (see under the comments for glossary):

Not how I see it. Vaxxines are driving mutations on the spike outer surface not reducing them. JC explained this long ago if you need a refresher. Its the breakdown internal motif's that are not changing. And diff races cleave the pieces differently front running on the primary race weapon (furin cleavage sites) is expected. How the spike splits is the activation that exposes the correct motif's for amyloidosis hidden motif's protected/conserved from antibody responses and evolutionary pressures tuned for goyim, that's why there pushing so hard and jumping in-front of all debate. The tribe is behaving like there is little time left in the current format.

He never explicitly states what his thoughts are on repeated infection. He’s agreed with Walter chestnut before that it could pose a risk, albeit smaller risk as compared to transfection. Another thing to consider is that JC doesn’t think “Covid” is something that we can carefully and accurately track. It’s his opinion that Covid was an infectious clone that spread across the world for a small amount of time during 2020 and then faded into obscurity (aka melted back into the coronavirus swarm). He says the only thing the PCR is testing for is the presence of a single protein that is found across the entire coronavirus family. He also believes, along with Kevin McKernan, that the PCR tests are not even being sequenced or run in the correct laboratory conditions, therefore making the entire thing a facade. So back to your question; what would JC think about multiple exposures to covid, I believe he would say that you are asking the wrong kind of question

Some ppl have to learn things the hard way... (I wasn't gonna chime in on this, mostly bc he is just so cringe and this is all so exhausting, but what can i say, i'm easily triggered...) He also lies - like why is he now rewriting history saying that he hasn't been sick since 2019, yet before he admitted on-stream that he's had covid-like-or-whatever illness 3 times and that it like ravaged his household to whatever degree... I do think his point about infectious clones has legs, but i think he grossly underestimates that "they" are most likely very interested in the interplay between an actual (parental) virus (i.e. not an infectious clone) when co-mingled with the DIs and DVGs. I personally am leaning toward the theory that they released a Wuhan-1 virus strain along with some infectious clones via vapes or whatever, and then I think maybe they knew the virus had fizzled a month or so before Omicron popped up, which is possibly why they were no longer using Spike protein as a primer for PCR Omicron-era (bc they maybe just wanted to see how many PCRs were showing N or E proteins..?) I think Omicron could def be an infectious clone or a DI. I also cringe so hard that JC points out that it's weird that NutSachs would take the time to speak to Dr. Kev and Rixey (which I agree with), but JC never considers that RFK Jr. and Malone and Jessica Rose and Giradot are "handling" JC. But don't worry y'all bc JC assures us that "we're winning" now that he's cracked the case of the infectious clone... Winning what, exactly? Our freedoms back, our economy back, blah blah

I also think that the “shedding” from the transfections was always a primary vector of the plan for continually weakening the selfish waxx-deniers (in addition to whatever other shit they’re doing like trying to erase previous innate memory via the shedded protein fragments ..?; i.e. I think the whole OAS stuff is to get our guards down), and if the infectious clones are at play here (with their initial purity or whatever), then I am def concerned that “they” might eventually, after enough tries, find the right combo of transfection<>antigen that “works” such that the transfected peeps will be “immune-ish” to the antigen (provided that they don’t die from the side effects etc. first) but the non-transfected might get markedly sicker than the transfected. ➡️ EDIT: I want to clarify that I do believe in the OAS principle in general, but I think it keeps getting highlighted by the Malones of this world bc they want us to have our guards down, kinda by conflating it with innate memory in a more general sense, to a degree, thereby insinuating that it will be that way for your lifetime and that they can't 'override' that OAS


Glossary (terms)

DI= Defective Interfering: Infectious defective interfering particles of VSV from transcripts of a cDNA clone  The generation of infectious defective interfering (DI) particles of vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV) entirely from cDNA clones is reported.

DVGs=Defective Viral Genomes Defective viral genomes are key drivers of the virus–host interaction We are beginning to appreciate the surprising versatility of viral genomes and how replication-competent and -defective virus variants can provide means for adaptation, immune escape and virus perpetuation.

OAS= Original Antigenic Sin: How First Exposure Shapes Lifelong Anti–Influenza Virus Immune Responses

My Conclusion

Jonathan originally veered towards the idea that  the original outbreak was manufactured through propaganda but he now concedes that a synthetic clone (obviously lab made) was used but that it was not be able to sustain its purity.  I think that is closer to the truth and makes sense.  They probably “seeded” the virus among certain vulnerable populations  and then they ramped up the fear  by abusing the PCR test and manipulating the cause of death.

I believe that Johnathan is correct in believing that the synthetic virus  (original strain) mutated until it was less pathogenic or not able  to replicate.  However, the constant “vaccines” (transfections) are giving rise to accelerated evolution as they run through the population and are shed (transmitted) in Extra Cellular Vesicles (ESVs) like exosomes thus forming pseudo-virus quasi swarms.  I believe that they are trying to force a Marek-disease paradigm on the population but it is (thus far) not working because they probably need a critical mass (including all children) to get vaccinated. That is not to say that they won’t release something else that will be deadly for the unvaccinated (I am sure that they are working on it).  The fact is that under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) they could be injecting whatever they want and doing all sorts of experiments on the population.  Do you honestly think they stuck to the 11 secret herbs and spices of the original recipe and did not try a few new outrageous flavors?  How will we ever know?  They may have created all sorts of chimeras by running different mRNA formulations through humans.  Moreover you can bet that all the data is being fed into quantum (A.I.) for computational modelling and simulation. I guarantee you that more has been learned about viruses in the last two years than in the previous one hundred years.

Last but not least we have been subjected to an unrelenting psychological attack using fear and confusion.  We are literally in the matrix and they shaped the landscape well before the virus was launched. Not only do they own the Main Stream Media (MSM) but they deliberately infiltrated the alternative media. This two minute video sums it up nicely:


Office Hours JEFFERY SACHS: Gigaohm Biological High Resistance Low Noise Information Brief (1:20)