The lesser key of Solomon

The lesser key of Solomon

Added a category called Occult for subjects that do not fit under Christianity or Gnostic etc.  Do I believe that any of this is true? I doubt very much that Solomon possessed such a book with 72 seals (spells) but I believe the seals and book is from a later era and that it was attributed to Solomon.

It is Interesting to note that there were traveling Jewish exorcists in the first century because Luke mentions them (Acts 19 and also Simon Magus). It is very possible that many practitioners dwelt in the Arabian Peninsula (Oman) and that Wendell Phillips found something there. He is possibly the character on which Indiana Jones is based with his penchant for wearing a gun on his hip and surrounding himself with beautiful women and doing archeological digs. The Arabs (and Jewish tribes on the Arabian Peninsula) were very superstitious and believed in Jinn and evil spirits (demons).  It is therefore possible that Philips found a scroll from a traveling exorcist.  Who knows?   The area was traditionally known as the region of Sabaʾ, biblical Sheba, kingdom in pre-Islamic southwestern Arabia, frequently mentioned in the Bible (notably in the story of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba).  So who knows…but this number 72 keeps turning up. Do I believe in demonic entities?  (apart from Hilary Clinton,No- lolz).

The video below is cray stuff but these people actually believe this stuff as did Jewish exorcists thousands of years ago.  And if we understand a demon as an “unclean spirit” and emojis as expressing “emotions” as pictograms then perhaps there is something to creating a collective consciousness – the mind of the flesh.  A hive mind driven by AI and social media that they want to network (neuralink).  Instead of a demon they might create psychosis.  The video below Jacob-Israel is the source video that he is quoting. Well worth a watch.

Did ELON MUSK Summon DEM0NS to Create The X App?! (42 min)


The Demonic Truth Behind Emojis (8 min)

Deviant Creation

Deviant Creation

A number of videos that demonstrate the same point. The world is in the grip of evil and run by psychopaths.  We are now seeing the revelation of the man of sin and the mind of the flesh.  It is not a pretty sight. The last video about the transpocalypse would be funny …until you realize that these people are deadly serious and completely insane.


This is supposedly from 2008 but I presume that is when the recording surfaced because Alan Watts died in 1973.

We live on a slave planet (13 min)