Notification: Down Time

Notification: Down Time

We had an outage of our NDN optic fiber. This is the second day without internet. The only reason that I can post this is because I bought a very small mobile Wi-Fi router with 50 GB of free data.  Our phone (land-line) is also connected to the NDN router.  Just been down to the shops to buy a mobile router – virtually everyone is masked (except me) it is like the zombie apocalypse.  They ended the “lockdown” at midnight.  We have two people in hospital not even in ICU. Our mobiles are also playing up with  reception issues. What are they doing? Using the lockdown to build our 5G prison?  Who knows. This is utterly ridiculous we have two people in hospital. Two people. Not even in ICU.


The day before my wife opened an online Woolworth’s account and did some shopping online.  It took an hour and a half and then the order would not process because their were no delivery dates available.  It saved the order for 24 hours then it disappeared.

I rang my internet provider a number of times yesterday (and this morning) and got the usual robotic menu telling you that the best option was to go on the internet and find their page. I am sure they do this just to wind people up.

Anyway, enough of a rant….this is working for now but I still have to work out how to monitor my data usage. Two attempts to access their log-in and it kicked me out.  What do I use? Which password? I already have two.  Waiting for the shop to ring me back.

Long story short – technology is wonderful until it no longer works.  You want to lock up billions of people and make them do everything online?  How is that working out?  The shops by me are not best pleased that they have no internet access.  And what happens when we have a Geomagnetic storm?  And what about the ping-demic in the UK?  The techno-fascists have lost the plot.  

Technology is wonderful if we control it.   It does not, and cannot control us.  I will not be controlled by some freak through a phone app….and I like to nip out the house and see other people when I am shopping.  I do not want to live in a zombie apocalypse.

So for now I am back online. I have another computer in the wings on which I will install Linux. I also have some older windows computers that I can clean up and still use.  I am going to get more mobile routers etc.  The fight goes on.