Disaster Cycle

Disaster Cycle

More confirmation from Academia that Ben is correct about the periodicity of the cycle.  However, he is not correct about the pole flip and global tsunami (on this see Diamond from Magnetic Reversal). There are cycles, half cycles and quarter cycles. They are not all the same, or the same strength. So, roughly 12,000 years (micronova) 6,000 years Heinrich Bond and 3,000 year cycles.

6000 Year Disaster Cycle

This video updates the hypothesis that the known Heinrich events are correlated with the sun’s 6000-year cycle. This is a critical piece of the big picture, solar-climate forcing, and the disaster upcoming soon – the 12,000-year version.

Saturn Life, Chemtrails, Snowball Earth, Magnetism | S0 News July.8.2021

What do you mean to prevent the loss of Ice in Greenland?  Greenland has been gaining ice.

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Greenland is gaining ice: