A.I. Image of the Beast

A.I. Image of the Beast

"And he is given power to give breath to the image of the beast, so that the image of the beast will even [appear to] speak, and cause those who do not bow down and worship the image of the beast to be put to death" (Rev 13:15)

Is artificial Intelligence the  image of the beast?   I don’t know but if the “beast” is the emerging empire (leaving aside who that might be or where it might be located) then A.I. could possibly become the image of the beast.  It will be able to speak and able to resurrect the dead (metaphorically). It will have enormous predictive power and if linked to a Central Bank Digital Currency will be surveilling and controlling all spending, all travel and everything you say and do. If Noah Harrari and his ilk have their way you will have sensors under your skin (for monitoring your health of course you germ ridden dirt bag). Of course all that will be linked back to the A.I and together with your profile they can monitor you actual physiological and physiological state.  Raised heart beat?  Rush of adrenaline?  Please arrest citizen 1234 because they are about to lose it because their A.I.  fun tokens have been withheld (lolz) or perhaps they want sex with a real person and not a robot (I will let you do your own research on that one just type in sex robot into You Tube…I was going to put up a video, but it was too rude lolz).

Suffice to say that the future could be full spectrum dominance which is exactly what they want.  The merging of man and machine into a cyborg is a very real prospect with digital convergence.  The IoB (Internet of Bodies) will be the next step after the IoT (Internet of Things) and this can only occur once they saturate everything with 5G.  This is not sci-fi because they have the technology already.  The main problem is convincing (forcing) the public to accept the change. Hence the psychological nudge teams.

The first step is familiarization. They release the A.I technology and allow you to play with it. While you are playing it gathers all your data and profiles you.  By now they have thousands of data points on all of us and their predictive ability is fairly good. The other thing is that they are setting up the BAD A.I  and the GOOD A.I.    The BAD A.I. is run by a gay liberal Jew and the GOOD A.I. by a decent family loving conservative Christian.  Hmmm.  I wonder which one to choose? (lolz).  It is so transparent and yet the sheeple still do not get it.  The Hegelian dialectic at work. Thesis, anti-thesis, synthesis or problem, reaction solution.  This is the GAB version (=The GOOD A.I.) version of ChatGTP (=The BAD A.I.).  Click on the tweet and read the article by GAB CEO Andrew Torba:

Here are some images that I made using GAB A.I. The first prompt was Elijah and the whirlwind and it drew Elijah with eight fingers in a medieval costume. The second prompt was the beast rising out of the abyss to kill the witnesses (lolz). It still has some problems with hands and faces but is improving. The last tweet is about project Lazarus (resurrecting the dead) in which they create bot avatars to live in the meta verse. No wonder “primitive” people do not want their images and voices capturing. Aborigines still object to hearing or seeing movies of dead relatives because it captures something of their spirit. Maybe there is something to it. Maybe they know something that we don’t.

And finally we have the question of fake videos etc. People have even found videos of themselves having sex that have been posted on porn sites.  If you capture someones voice print (you don’t need much just a few sentences and most phones can listen in) and an image (face print) then you can produce a fake video of anyone.   The idea is that you will no longer be able to tell what is real and what is fake.  Then people will cry out for a solution.  The solution will be an I.D. and verification in order to be able to use the internet.  Problem, reaction, solution.  What they should do is make it illegal and hand out stiff jail sentences. They should do the same with money laundering instead of saying that we all need to be constantly tracked and monitored.  Of course they will never do that because the rich always money launder. Money laundering is not the problem…you are the problem. This is a very good article (recommended) on bio-digital convergence:

IoT becomes IoB

IOT becomes IOB

The Internet of Things (IoT) will become an Internet of Bodies (IoB) in a brave new world of virtual reality, sex robots, androgyny, AI, health surveillance and much, much more.  Facebook’s META is just a forerunner of what is about to be rolled out.  In the Hebrew language META means dead.  You might as well be dead because it is better than being a slave living in “dead world”.

Facebook And The WEF Plan On Keeping You VERY SAFE!!! (19 min)