Failure to Launch

Failure to Launch

Not this romcom (lolz):

But this:

Astra’s Failed Rocket Launch Attempt Comes Days After Scientists Warned About The Space-X Launch (6min)

Astra suffers catastrophic failure in 1st Florida launch, 4 satellites lost Solar Storm Knocks 40 SpaceX Satellites Out of the Sky, After the Company Ignored Scientists’ Warnings Astra Failed Rocket Launch Attempt… Unsuccessful Astra launch…

Solar Flare, Another Rocket Failure & Geomagnetic Storm | S0 News Feb.12.2022 (3min)


Jupiter Shifts, Solar Watch, New Planet | S0 News Feb.11.2022 (4 min)

Jupiter seems to be re-balancing energy.  I wonder why?  Soon it will be our turn.


X-Ray Jupiter:… Proxima D: Galactic Graveyard:…