Let’s talk about SIN

Let’s Talk about SIN

I don’t think it is a coincidence that the Science and Innovation Network has the acronym SIN nor do I think that it is a coincidence that they have coined the term syndemic for what is happening.  Make no mistake about it we are in a spiritual battle and the Man of Sin is being revealed as scripture said he would. They are using pharma (Greek sorcery) to seduce and deceive the world.   All their knowledge and science will only bring death and oppression. True freedom from SIN comes from God.  Jesus is the cure.


Their vision of the future is so wonderful that they have to release a bio-weapon and a fear campaign to achieve their goals. They constantly lie and gas-light and they murder anyone who gets in their way.

Plummer, Salama, Ramjee: lots of deaths in only 3 weeks. Whaddya expect with war criminal Tedros? (One minute truth)

They tried to assassinate Madagascar’s president Andry Rajoelina:


They have the blood of  a number of African leaders on their hands.  You still think this is about your health?

Murdering Cabal


Vaccines (Gene therapy)

If the vaccines are meant to keep you safe why is everyone in hospital in NSW double jabbed with the exception of one single jabbed.  Riddle me this, riddle me that…who is afraid of the big black bat?   Not the unvaccinated.

Note: The guy in this press conference has since come forward and said that he miss-spoke. This is probably a psyop rather than a genuine mistake. Deliberately creating confusion and division.