Twitter: crazy out there

Twitter: crazy out there

It really is getting crazy and the wheels are falling off the narratives.ย  Elon Musk has exposed that about 80 FBI agents were involved with twitter censorship and we know that 77 Brigade the UK intel unit and other five eyes were involved.ย  We were correct all along. It is the Governments that were responsible for the tidal wave of disinfomation and misinformation. They deliberately plant false stories and propaganda.ย  Here are some of the most interesting and informative tweets. Top one is that Musk released a poll asking if he should step down as CEO and said that he would abide by the outcome.ย Will he lose the poll? What if he appoints Trump or Jared Kushner?


Moserna CEO Steven BancelI is all unraveling now. Did you see Modernaโ€™s CEOโ€™s response to this fact? Here is the interview, question is at 7:20

Lol he was going to “ask his engineers” and forgot to come back to tell us the answer. Don’t worry he’ll have to come up with a corker of a story for the Gp-120

The Cat Turd story is hilarious:

New Zealand is going full retard. Rebecca Kitteridge – Director General of the New Zealand Security Intelligence Service. Purges always come next. Arrested for wrong think.

The narrative is falling apart.

Hegelian Dialectic and divide and rule. Surely we are smarter than that?