Pedos, murderers and psychos

Pedos, murderers and psychos

How could the English want a king who entertained Jimmy Savile, who was friends with the Yorkshire Ripper, besides poor Diana, and in this video the investigators were found “drowned”  Very good documentary:

A theme that keeps coming back is the occult and “wizards”. Another good documentary.


Lady Die by Chris Everard and Raphaella Houston (2007)-3:38 mins

This is a bit woo-woo but the history of royalty and their connection to the occult is interesting.

Highlights were the connection between a young teenage Princess Diana who was sent in 1982 to view the body of Princess Grace Kelly who also died in a car accident and whose body was on public display.  Grace Kelly was involved with the occult Order of the Solar Temple whose leader sacrificed a baby and whose 74 members committed suicide. Another interesting aside was the video clip showing the “Ghost” from Hampton court the haunted royal residence.   I think the “ghost” looks like the “grim reaper”  we saw at the coronation.  My opinion s that it is some sort of wizard or occult symbolism.  Call me a conspiracy theorist but I think these people and their bloodlines are wicked and corrupt and practice strange rituals.