$61 Billion to Zelensky

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$61 Billion to Zelensky

War, what is it good for?   It is certainly good for more money to the MIC and a big pay out the most corrupt country in Europe including 10% for the “big guy”.    It won’t win the war only prolong the misery and increase the death and destruction.  You can’t print ammo or men and Ukraine is running out of both.  Also this will make Russia more determined than ever to bring it to a swift end.  Watch them ratchet it up so that they can collapse Ukraine before the US election. But according to Cameroon it is a “good investment”.


War in the New Normal – slaughtering your Proles for convenience, fun & profit

Go on, get your Ukraine flags out and support the most unholy alliance ever.  Jews and Nazis building a better world (lolz).  You do know that the very territories that Russia invaded were earmarked for a new “heavenly Jerusalem” as  an Israel 2.0 for when things got too hot in the Middle East.  BlackRock already owns 30% of Ukraine and now all the men have been slaughtered. Almost ready for them to move in were it not for Russia spoiling the party.



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