Protests everywhere

Protests everywhere

The mainstream media are not reporting the protests but they are breaking out everywhere. People are starting to realize that something sinister is going on.  Here are some of the protests. This is in the Netherlands. We do not condone destruction of property or violence but clearly people are venting their frustrations. During a protest against the curfew in Urk, the corona test location of the GGD was set on fire on Saturday evening. That happened after the curfew, around 9:30 PM. Mayor Cees van den Bos issued an emergency order at the end of the evening for the deployment of the riot police. “Dramatic as this evening is now going. I am ashamed of the events”, he writes on Twitter. There is a lot of police in the village.

 In Italy a campaign was started whereby Restaurants all open their doors and people went out for meals.  The campaign is catching on around Europe. Here follow a few of the tweets (there are many more) showing that people everywhere are pushing back. Remember they have already built “quarantine camps” in Germany.  So you still think this is about a virus do you?  Sweden never even had a lockdown.  We do not have 50 million deaths like Spanish flu. Stop being afraid and faithless and open up.  Mass civil disobedience. You do not need government permission to live and breathe. Your God given rights (natural law) are inalienable and cannot be taken away from you. You have the right to associate and worship, to travel, to procreate (be fruitful and multiply). Only you can decide what goes into your body.  God  created you with freewill.


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This twitter feed is good –




I now have this on my follow list – this information is suppressed by MSM.  There is an ongoing propaganda war.  The next video is to a FB link from the brilliant scientist Prof. Dolores Cahill. She has lobbied and started “Freedom Airways”.   She is very smart and courageous.  She speaks all over the EU and has never worn a mask or complied.

Prof. Dolores Cahill – How do you travel without complying to corrupt Government policies?