GETTR = Mo$$ad Honeypot

GETTR = Mo$$ad Honeypot

We have to be smart and agile and wary of everything.  That does not mean that we cannot use Robert Malone and his credibility to get our point across. However, we need to be careful not to be manipulated.  Use them by all means but don’t let them use you. A great game is being played.  We are smarter than that and our allegiance lies elsewhere. For example I have a GETTR account.   I will make sure I post stuff on it that I want them to know.  For example that judgement is coming and they are getting their butts kicked (lolz).

'Oh what a tangled web we weave/When first we practice to deceive' Shakespeare

Rukscam pushing the Mo$$adS Gettr

No wonder @therealrukshan Rukscam is pushing this… honey 🍯

GETTR = CIA (Mo$$ad) Honeypot; “alt right” PsyOps, “let them gather all there, let us spy on them with implemented Google Code, and let’s have the servers nevertheless at Amazon Cloud Services.”

Pics: Tommy Robinson (Mo$$ad) with Jason Miller, CEO of Gettr.


They want you to exodus to their Parlor 2.0 Get-Tr[ump] … Everybody is “self-assigned” to their respectful echo chambers. Order out of chaos.

More Baloney

More Baloney

Apparently Joe Rogan had eleven million views with his interview of Robert Malone which is far more than the Legacy Media.  He has been de-platformed from YouTube and has opened an account on GETTR which immediately garnered eight million followers (so I am told).

Is GETTR another GHETTO?

I am very wary of all the players at the moment especially because Trump came out so strongly for the vaccines and blamed the unvaccinated for the spread.  Malone is saying the right things but his association with the CIA and Michael Callahan makes me uncomfortable.  Is the USA being split further in preparation for a 2024 Trump election?  We have to be very careful as a great game is being played.  I don’t trust any of them (see the next article coming up shortly…called White Hats).


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