Gnosticism, Modern and Postmodern

Gnosticism, Modern and Postmodern

The video below was posted in a comment that I wrote (see below) and posted under a video (no name no pack drill) from a Gnostic website that I quit as they were not amenable to reason. I detect a growing trend  to attack Christianity via the OT.  This is an excellent video:

Gnosticism, Modern and Postmodern (20 min)


Ever heard of direction of influence? As far as syncretism, harmonization, and mutual appropriation are concerned you have to establish first cause
and direction of influence otherwise it is just speculation not analysis. You make basic interpretive mistakes and etymological faux pas and the kind
of common exegetical fallacies that James Barr warned about (

Although you make some useful connections your uncritical apophenia and lack of filtering devalues your work. You begin by deconstructing the OT and use this to dismantle the NT.
I told you already that the same subversive methods were used in the first century ( and
both modern and postmodern Gnosticism are in effect the forerunner of progressive cultural Marxism ( and we know who is behind that, don’t we?