Climate Train

Climate Train

Looks like they are all getting aboard the climate train.  Rupert Murdoch has seen the light. The writing is on the wall. Anyone who does not go with the collective narrative whether that is climate or covid will be seen as anti-society and anti-earth.  I had a look at the comments under the article and wish that I didn’t. So many stupid people crowing about the sudden change in the News Corp position.

What do you think happened?  Murdoch has had his marching orders from the bankers. He was always controlled opposition and his Chinese former wife probably a spy.    It has become time to flip the narrative.

Henceforth climate-deniers and anti-vaxxers will be demonized as far-right terrorists.  The thought police will be at your doorstep.  You must get onboard the climate train.

This is what Brandon O’Connell says:

Newscorp, Rupert Murdochs baby, has finally seen the light! Polar bears will be safe!

No one wants to breathe in car fumes, or sulfur dioxide and I'm all for an end to fossil fuels. But the issue is about control, distraction and did I mention control?

Just like Q Tards woke up - somewhat - maybe the conservative generalized retards who think Tucker Carlson grieves for them in his mansion will wake up too?

For most of you this is no surprise, but I expect a great "leveling" to occur over the years now that they have us all firmly in our mothers basements.

Consensus will be the order of the day. Everyone has been kept on their ass and off their trigger fingers. I guess this November will be a month of months.

They say Steve Bannon has seen the light and has ceased demanding Christians move south.

The data analytics are the key and they have it down to a science now.

Its certainly an interesting time.

The Prime Minister of the planet has spoken...everyone get in line...

Of course climate change is about to happen very rapidly.  The only trouble is that the climate train may well be the Snowpiercer (lolz).

What if the climate train is Snowpiercer?


We are at the point when we are about to experience rapid natural climate change.  At the very point when we will be in most need of fossil fuels, coal powered electric stations and natural gas they are going to raise prices astronomically. Of course, much of the infrastructure will be destroyed by the coming earth changes but they are using the coming catastrophe to further their agenda.   Never let a crisis go to waste….order out of chaos is their motto.    So what if millions upon millions die?

They could have told the truth and prepared people.  They could have made society more resilient. They could have decentralized with mini-power stations and green houses and got people growing etc. Hundreds of ways to make the system more robust. Instead they did the opposite because complete failure allows them to concentrate even more power and have the masses begging for their slavery.  Above all they there could have been genuine religious revival where mankind repented and turned to God.  Instead they chose a path that is godless, cruel and psychopathic.   They will not prevail.  God is stronger than man and they will lose control of their attempt to use the Apocalypse as a template.  God will not be mocked.

Ice Age Trigger, Satellite Hit, Coronal Hole | S0 News Oct.19.2021 (4 min)

There is a train coming……

There is a train coming…..and it is not the establishment climate change train…nor is it Snowpiercer.  The beautiful Eva already got on board.  If you can listen to this without getting a tear in your eye you are better man then me…