The fancy word finclusion is a contraction of financial inclusion  and apparently the United Nations and the Queen of Holland is concerned that we don’t miss out, especially with the rollout of a Central Bank Digital Currency.It sounds so benevolent and exciting. Helping the underprivileged and protecting nature with all the classic catchwords, inclusive, sustainability not to forget resilient (lolz). Where do I sign up as a stakeholder? Oh, I am not a stakeholder…I am a commodity? All nature on the blockchain administered by NACs (Natural Asset Company). You know, my grandfather said they would tax the air you breathe if they could. Never thought I would live to see the day. You have no rights. No right to clean water, no right to food, no right to free movement and no right to decide what goes into your body. The kingdom of mammon is about to be revealed.


Dutch Queen Maxima on Fin-clusion – Bank for International Settlements Innovation Summit March 2023

"[Queen Maxima, Netherlands] speech, which I will share below was one of the most succinct demonstrations of what is planned with the use of programmable money as a backbone of human and natural capital finance. She even spoke of digital crop insurance, a topic that Leo Saraceno has covered extensively. The Netherlands is an anchor for digital identity efforts (DeCode and Rebooting the Web of Trust), early trackable money pilots (Bijlmer Euro), and biodiversity cataloging (Arise). I see all these efforts as an extension of the Dutch East India company, colonization, financial speculation, and the commodification of natural life. Queen Maxima is the UN Secretary General’s special advocate for finclusion. This is significant."


The Queen Máxima Zorreguieta Cerruti was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on 17 May 1971. She is the daughter of Jorge Zorreguieta (1928–2017), landed gentry family who headed agriculture for the state during a military coup. Argentina’s  biggest exports are all agricultural.. the family also has Italian/Spanish roots. She also has Portuguese ancestry through her father’s side, being a descendant of King Afonso III of Portugal.  Her father, Zorreguieta, served Argentine President Videla, a military dictator who ruled Argentina from 1976 to 1981 and who was responsible for many atrocities against civilians (An estimated 10,000–30,000 people were kidnapped and murdered during this and subsequent military regimes before democracy was restored to Argentina in 1983). Jorge Zorreguieta had resigned one year before the end of the Videla regime and claimed that, as a civilian, he was unaware of the Dirty War while he was a cabinet minister.

So, she is from an elite aristocratic family deeply involved with agriculture (and disappearing opponents) and the Netherlands is in the thick of the WEF push to shut down agriculture and is at the edge of impact finance in natural capital and also digital ID with Decode The Netherlands was shaped by the Dutch East India Company just as the Anglo-Zionists were shaped by their East India Company.  The English founded the East India Company in 1600, and the Dutch followed in 1602 by founding the Vereenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie (VOC). The charter of the new company empowered it to build forts, maintain armies, and conclude treaties with Asian rulers. The VOC was the original military-industrial complex and multinational. Shares were traded on the Amsterdam stock-market.  The Rothschild family was the banking power behind the British East India Company (EIC)  These two companies had quasi governmental powers (Public Private Partnership) and  probably form the model for the corporate fascism that is emerging now.

The Queen is ideally suited for the role with her ties to Catholic church given that an Argentinian Jesuit is now Pope, and the Vatican has been a leader in the social impact finance space for the past decade. She also worked in investment banking in the USA and EU for HSBC, Dresdner Kleinwort Benson and Deutsche Bank. So an aristocratic banker is going to make sure you have finclusion (lolz) in the new world. I can think of another word that starts with f that can be concatenated with inclusion to better describe our condition once this gets launched.  And you know what?  I bet most people will be just fine with it, just like they are fine with getting six jabs before keeling over. Here are the slides made by Alison and here is the list of clips from day one of the BIS summit.

Here is the main video by Alison:

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