When society is absolutely corrupt the economy collapses.  The linking thread in these stories is a broken, corrupt society.  Even the Perth mint is embroiled in a scandal.  Can you blame poor people for stealing from Walmart when they see corruption on such a grand scale? In New Hampshire the corruption runs so deep that drug rehabilitation centers are run by drug criminals and the DEA, police, judiciary and politicians are a corrupt Mafia.  The same in Arkansas with the Clinton Mafia. We know that Biden and his son Hunter is corrupt. So, from the highest to the lowest we have corruption.  And these corrupt people want you to have less so that they can have more.  They always want more. The world is not enough.

Walmart Permanently Shut Down All Stores In Portland As Historic Theft Rise (14 min)

BREAKING NEWS: Perth Mint Accused Of DILUTING Gold Bars! HUGE SCANDAL! (18 min)

Quickie: James O’Keefe Resigns & Here Is Why – Mike Gill, Corrupt DEA, Bill Shaheen, Dick Anagnost (17 min)


Your New Limits to Excess Consumption (24 min)