Black Magic

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Black Magic

In search of an Interpretation?   That sounds like some of the Bible studies and dogma that I have come across. More like black magic than science. They have a partial truth but not the whole truth.  This was my s***post underneath the video:

Science is beginning to sound like black magic to me (lolz). Perhaps it is not observation that collapses the probability, perhaps it is faith. If we believe and wish upon a star it becomes real. What if matter is both a particle and a wave at the same time? What if it is neither and we are just dumb? What if the whole universe is just data? What if we are living in a simulation? The answer to the universe is 42 but I forgot the question.

Quantum Mechanics: A Theory in Search of an Interpretation (14 min)

Quantum theory consists of a mathematical formalism together with a vast amount of information concerning how to apply that formalism to electrons, atoms, radiation, field, etc. As an instrument for predicting the results of experiments, it is enormously successful. However, despite this, it says little if anything about the electrons, and such that produce the results. From its inception, it has been a theory in search of an interpretation. In this episode, we will explore the origins of the quantum world as well as understand what the Copenhagen Interpretation is.