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Rumors abound around Nikola Tesla. One persistent rumor was that he invented a way of harnessing the earths magnetic energy and making free electricity. When he died many of his papers went missing.  He is also said to be behind radio.



Please build me one of these

I wonder if I can get someone to machine tool one of these for me?  If it actually works that would be fantastic.  I can see them suppressing something like this.  This is what David DuByne says:

"The conversation rages on about renewables vs fossil fuels during power outages in both the E.U and the USA. That's the distraction, that's where powers that be want the conversation to stay, not magnetic motors and decentralized electrical production with no power provider to pay monthly. Tesla Towers, Tesla Oscillators and Magnetic Motors are never discussed as solutions for indoor agriculture, until now. Lets talk". 


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