Dr. James Giordano

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Dr. James Giordano

Dr. James Giordano participates as an advisor in the work of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency DAPRA (panel on neuroethics, legal and social matters) and the US Department of Defense (Senior Science Advisory Fellow, Joint Staff of the Pentagon). Dr. James Giordano, Chief of the Neuroethics Studies Program and Scholar-in-Residence in the Pellegrino Center for Clinical Bioethics at Georgetown University, speaks to cadets and faculty about how advancements in neuroscience and neurotechnology will impact the future of war. This event was hosted by the Modern War Institute at West Point.

The lecture (below) is just over an hour but the most important part happens at 33:33 minutes  (coincidence?) and it sounds kind of familiar.  I have summarized it for a tweet  if you do not have time to listen to the complete lecture.  He quotes Brzezinski (quote also tweeted).

Of interest is that Giordano mentions virtual nations using virtual currencies (e.g. Bitcoin) and in this he again echoes Brzezinski (short video included). Brzezinski (in 2015) was talking about ISIS (a Western creation) and at “unknown”  non state actors sucking up data etc and cyber war.  How did he know? Why was he so prescient?    They all know because it has all been planned for decades and the technology was waiting and ready to go.  The non-state actor is the Rothschild -East India Company model using the state actor (and cyber power) Israel. 

There are no good actors here. They all want global government and they are using Military Information Support Operations (MISO) or PSYOPS to achieve this. Part of the operation is constructing and directing the narrative on the internet. Sowing, fear and division as well as confusion. Another is infiltrating and directing any opposition. See my article on Interactive Internet Activities (IIA).  In the end no one will be sure of anything that is going on and they will break people completely.  People will cry out to be saved and they will offer the solution.  We are at war and they fight dirty.