European Army

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European Army

This is a rather excellent video which you may need to pause now and then in order to read the news clips etc. The EU want their own army and defense union.  Something that was constantly denied.  Here is the kicker…the UK will still be part of that defense union even after Brexit.   The UK has diminished its forces so much that it can no longer function independently (like it did during the Falkland war).

Why is the EU so keen for its own force?   They want Africa…particularly the Sahel which is one of the reasons they got rid of Gaddafi of Libya.   They want to control their old colonies because they know that the Sahel will be the next food bowl when the climate changes.  They probably struck a deal with China regarding the Belt and Road.

You are now seeing the power shift beginning to take place.  The USA will be kicked into touch  and NATO will be dissolved.   The  Mackinder World-Island is emerging with Jerusalem at the center (navel) of the world.   The whole world is going to be one big communitarian Kibbutz with everyone locked into their SMART city panopticon.


European Army (7min)

The global elites plan of world domination and the implementing of communitarianism is now at break neck speed. The push for a manufactured war is clear. But in reality it’s all one side.