Flip Flop

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Flip Flop

Diamond hits it out of the ball park with this one.  He says, “None of the pole flip gobbly goop” (lol)  There will be no global flooding by a global tsunami.  There may be local flooding but no global oceanic flood as presented by Suspicious Observers. Ben Davidson does a lot of good with his channel and is correct about plasma, magnetic excursion and micro-nova but the crustal slip stuff is wrong. Apparently the idea came from Doug Vogt who is a numerologist.

I will continue to feature SO because they have such good information but I reject the global tsunami theory.  Folks….this is what real science is about…..debate and examination. Evidence and analysis.  If anyone talks about THE science they are lying.  Science has nothing to do with group think or consensus.

Our Earth Has Benn Sculpted By Floods – Just Not The Catastrophic Pole Shift Hypothesis Type Floods Jul 3, 2021

KSPS’s Sculpted by Floods tells the story of the ice age floods in the Pacific Northwest. It is a story of the earth’s power, scientific discovery and human nature – one touted by enthusiasts as the greatest story left untold. During the last ice age, floods flowing with ten times the volume of all the world’s current rivers combined inundated the Northwest. What they left behind was a unique landscape that citizens of the Pacific Northwest call home. https://bit.ly/3wg50np Glacial lake outburst flood https://bit.ly/36bgE8s The Missoula floods (also known as the Spokane floods or the Bretz floods or Bretz’s floods) were cataclysmic glacial lake outburst floods that swept periodically across eastern Washington and down the Columbia River Gorge at the end of the last ice age. These floods were the result of periodic sudden ruptures of the ice dam on the Clark Fork River that created Glacial Lake Missoula. https://bit.ly/3hxngmU Cataclysmic pole shift hypothesis https://bit.ly/3xgH4Sb WHAT IS GEOMORPHOLOGY? https://bit.ly/2TzQrgW Geomorphology has its origins in the nineteenth century with the results of exploration, and the realization that the surface of the earth had been shaped over a long time through the operation of processes that are largely in operation today https://bit.ly/2UonO6r An Introduction to the Ice Age Floods https://bit.ly/3dCbQgm