Forced vaxx

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Forced vaxx

There are all sorts of ways of forcing vaccinations on populations. One such way is having employers mandate a vaccination.  



UM Medical Freedom Alliance Letter

Below is a letter framed by the UM Medical Freedom Alliance (UK) regarding your legal rights if you employer mandates vaccines.

We already looked at the issue in a previous article:

Mandated Workplace vaccines


They have deliberately weaponized illness.   An employer can now “mandate” a vaccine to keep his staff and customers “safe”.   Can an employee now sue his company because he caught flu while working?  There is no end to this madness because that is exactly what it is.   They have turned sickness into a mental disease called fear. They have changed people into hypochondriacs, obsessives and cultists.   Getting sick is a normal part of the cycle of life. So is dying.  There is no vaccine that will ever stop that.  Don’t let them force you to do anything.