Let us Spray

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Let us Spray

Another video by Mike Morales about weather warfare.  Mike attributes all the weather systems to human intervention.  While I would not go as far as to say that it is all attributable to human intervention, it is undeniable that the satellite images above Florida show the spraying of aerosols.   The problem is that human intervention has made it impossible to determine what is natural and what is manipulated.



Jim Lee the creator of the Climate Viewer website has been quiet lately because he has been ill with Graves disease and has just undergone a thyroidectomy.  The operation was very successful and he is recovering well and gearing up to go on the  attack.  In fact he has already done an interview with Quite Frankly (which we will post separately) regarding the coming cyber pandemic.  Jim Lee is a cyber whizz hacker and so besides his in depth knowledge of weather systems he is a computer genius.  The video below is an update about his operation and not about climate…..I have included it from the human interest aspect. We hope his recovery continues to go well. We will post his Quite Frankly interview shortly.


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