Light Speed Changes

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Light Speed Changes

In his previous video (part 1) DuByne spoke about achieving “Christ consciousness” and raising our “vibrational level” etc.  This is obviously the New Age theosophy that the Masons et al are pushing. In this part he talks predominately about the Southern Hemisphere being slammed by bolides etc.and of Ozone depletion, which I believe is an exaggeration.

The chemical reactions that lead to the formation of the Antarctic Ozone Hole take place on the surface of Polar Stratospheric Clouds (PSCs), which can only form in very cold conditions (-78C). Because of differences in the geography of the northern and southern hemispheres, the temperature over Antarctica in winter is somewhat colder than over the Arctic, resulting in PSCs being able to form over a much greater area and for a longer duration. This is the main reason why ozone depletion in the Arctic, while significant, does not result in a sustained ozone hole forming. The ozone hole has only ever been observed to be well south of the Australian mainland and Tasmania. In fact, during springtime, when the hole is in existence, ozone levels over southern Australian cities are at their highest.However, after the ozone hole has broken up parcels of ozone depleted air mixed with mid latitude air move northwards. These parcels can move over the southern part of Australia and cause a reduction in total ozone values.

David DuByne sill provides useful info but I wonder if he has been captured (like many others):

(1/2) Light Speed Changes Can We Survive? (23 min)