Manhattan (Genome) Project

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Manhattan (Genome) Project

Alison McDowell is a force of nature. Here are some short clips that she has put up in preparation for her next talk.  I would have liked the links to her maps but perhaps when the full  show goes up.

This runs deep and has been in play for decades. The Manhattan Project morphed into the Human Genome project.  What do they have in common?  Radiation damages DNA and so there is a natural fit.  These clips are intriguing and frightening.

Clip: Alison on Human Genome Project – Extension of Los Alamos and Manhattan Project (10 min)

Clip: Alison on Noosphere, Gaming, Gaia, Ocean Protocol (7 min)

Clip: Alison on Game B, Psychotechnology, Ulam’s Monte Carlo Method, Randomness, Genetic Algorithms(5 min)

Clip: Alison On The Global Brain, Sante Institute, Complexity and The Society of Psychical Research (7 min)