Meteor blast

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Meteor blast

Expect more meteorites and more volcanic activity as we enter the galactic sheet….as well as more radiation, lightning and earthquakes.  it is going to be fun.  Of course they will blame it all on you.  It is all your fault for driving a car and eating meat, cheese and milk.  All those cow farts.

You can expect a bait and switch from Covid back to climate change. When food scarcity starts they will blame either Covid or climate….probably both.

Gigantic meteor blast above Florida sparks widespread fear

April 15, 2021: A powerful meteor entered the earth’s atmosphere above Florida’s Atlantic coastline on April 12, exploding into a bright ball of fire. The blast was so immense that it led to a state of panic among Florida’s gold coast residents.


Geomagnetic Storm, Current Sheet Punch, Nova Feedback | S0 News Apr.15.2021

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