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My Comment

A comment that I left under a Suspicious Observer video in response to someone else’s comment about A.I.


A.I. or machine learning is human reasoning or the mind of the flesh. The carnal mind will never triumph over the mind of the Spirit. Where the Spirit is there is life and liberty.

The A.I is shaping reality (a new reality). I think that the transhumanists believe that they understand reality. In their view reality is data or information and we are living in a simulation which they intend to hijack by imposing their own matrix over the top. This means they use blockchain and gene technology to recreate reality and even reshape humanity. They are destroying the old order to bring about their wonderful new order (lolz). They will fail, not only because they are intelligent idiots stumbling around in the dark groping at realities they cannot understand ("For now we see through a glass, darkly" 1 Cor 13:12) but because man is a fallen,flawed creature therefore ipso facto anything that he creates carries within it the seeds of its own destruction. Wanting to become "gods" is the Causa sui and not only of Christianity but all mythologies (Atlantis, Babel, Prometheus), that tell the story of man destroying himself through technology which even Yuval Noah Harari admits in Homo Deus. We are being gamed with a false dichotomy between the Great Reset vs. the Great Awakening. What is coming cannot be stopped or controlled by either side of the game and their A.I. push combined with Hegelian Dialect and Divide and conquer to synthesize a new paradigm out of chaos will fail. So, a warning to all the Free Masons, globalists, Zionists and bankers out there. You will fail. Whichever side you are on you will fail.

They have created A.I in their own image (like God did with man) but A.I has no soul or consciousness. Therefore what they have created is the ultimate psychopath (lolz). They have made something in their own image. As in the movie Judgement day- it does not feel pain, remorse or pity and it will never stop. The technocrats wanted a world that was pragmatic and controlled by cold ,hard reason and that is what they will get. They think that they will be above such control (lolz). So now come the robots, drones and surveillance. You are no longer needed. Your carbon will be sequestered to save the planet. My blog: htpp://