Navalny Death

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Navalny Death

  • His wife did not see Navalny for 2 years
  • She forced him to go to Russia
  • She made him transfer all his property in her name
  • She appears with other men in public
  • Is shamelessly profiting on his death.

Most women just get a divorce (lolz), they don’t try and set up a government in waiting in a foreign country.  Apparently he was not killed by Novichok (as she indicated) but by a single KGB punch to the heart (lolz).  Did Putin deliver the killer punch himself? It must be true because all the English speaking newspapers are reporting it.

Breaking…..footage of the death blow from the prison CCTV:

Scott Ritter: The TRUTH is Out on Alexei Navalny and Putin Wins ft…. (29 min)