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Notification: feedback

I hardly ever get comments via the feedback form on my website and I have turned the comments off on my blog because I was getting a lot of spam and simply do not have time to keep up but I got this lovely comment today from Phil.

Dear Sir,
It’s taken me about 18 months of visiting to find this page.
A look through your daily postings on the Apocalypse and Daniel pattern recognition site is essential reading for me.
I’m not quite up to speed with the religious side but I’m working on that .
We all have different stories for how as individuals we’re not accepting the msm narrative control. But sources of thorough factual analysis are few and far between.
Many thanks for your dedication, much appreciated by another dissident adrift in the maelstrom.

Thank you very much, it is nice to receive encouragement. I do not ask for funding or donations and it costs time, effort and money to produce the blog. I often get chastised and told to ignore what is going on…I am “obsessed” and should spend more time with my family etc. However, part of protecting my family and everyone else is by staying informed. I attempt to put out the truth (this blog is not politically aligned) but that does not mean that I always get it right. We are in the middle of biological and psychological warfare and they are determined to change everything to instigate their NWO.  Anyway, thank you to all my readers.  This is a one-man show and I am also preparing for what is coming. That means I am gardening, teaching myself new skills, storing food and sorting out finances. I am also trying to center myself and my family spiritually.  It is difficult. I can hardly find time to sleep.