Occupational Hazard

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Occupational Hazard

This video is an interview found by Mark Kulacz (Housatonic) who has posted the video on WTYL.    We will be using that platform more and more for our embeds as YT tightens its censorship.  We may need to find alternatives to Twitter as well.

This is about John C. Martin (Gilead CEO 1997-2016) who recently died after falling and hitting his head. Not saying anything but any people connected to the Pharmaceutical industry have a habit of dying.  A bit like Bing Liu the Chinese-born professor and his lover who died in a murder-suicide in the US.  There are many others in this field who have “accidents”.  Nothing to see here move along.

In the interview Martin says the pandemic “took them by surprise” (lolz).  Really?   They were so surprised that they organized Event 201 in advance of the pandemic. They have been planning and war gaming it for years.  Are people still so stupid as to believe this garbage?

When talking about the pandemic and taking prophylactic medicine he talks about people being worried about their personal safety. The irony.  Well it was certainly not the pandemic that killed you mate.

Ep 157.1: John C. Martin (Gilead CEO 1997-2016) last interview (May 5 2020) – Fauci, Remdesivir (18 min)