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These are the first two parts of Dr  Raszek video’s on shedding.  I will post the third one here when he puts it online.  I find this amusing because I lost a twitter account nearly two years ago for tweeting about pseudo-viruses, ECV (Extra Cellular Vesicles) and exosomes being the underlying cause of shedding.  Right again.  

Now, do you honestly think that the scientists did not know any of this?  Really?   Of course (some of them) knew.  This is how you keep the pandemic going.  You keep vaccinating and people keep shedding. This is also how you can force the quasi-species swarm to evolve.  You keep introducing miRNA’s and Spike Protein (by vaccinating) that has been “run through” and amplified in humans and when this escapes it modifies the quasi-species swarm.  Voila….new variants keep emerging…..more vaccines…..more variants….more vaccines….more variants….more…..Oh, no, the sheep died suddenly.


Shedding vaccine material? – Investigation Part 1: FDA definition, breath studies (update 82)-25 min

Shedding vaccine material? – Investigation Part 2: exosomes in vaxxed, exosome vaccines (update 83)-19min

Shedding vaccine material? – Investigation Part 3: passive immunity + exosome decoys (update 84)-17 min