Veritas James O’Keefe

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Veritas James O’Keefe

I have no doubt that the whistleblower report itself is genuine but it has  been stage managed and scripted for impact.  With the connections that O’Keefe has it is no doubt part of IIA operations. The original Veritas video was debunked by Kevin (see the article: Zombies, D.R.A.S.T.I.C and Prions watch the video at 34 minutes).

The take away is that the information is real but O’Keefe et al have a job to do.  They are appealing to Trump supporters (and Christians) and trying to accelerate the break-up of the United States.  The narrative is that decent gun loving Christians will go to places like Texas and progressive, lib tard commies will go to gay San Fran where they  can poo in the street.

They are selling a narrative and trying to get other whistleblowers to come forward by dangling a carrot (money).

James O’Keefe & HHS Insider Jodi O’Malley discuss #CovidVaxExposed Part 1 Facebook/Instagram Removal (10 mins)