Arrest Trump

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Arrest Trump

Clown world (lolz).  Arrest Trump, arrest Putin…      Are ye not entertained?   More popcorn.  More distraction.  Are you having fun?   Don’t miss the show.  We are staging Springtime for Hitler in Melbourne.  Who needs TV?

TUESDAY TRUMP ARREST: Possible Outcomes, Analysis (10 min)

Don’t worry, Trump will save you. After all he is the chosen one (by Chabad):

Sssssscurved spine, glued on scalp, and orange face war paint – Donna Drumpf will soar in 2024 (2 min)

AbramoWitch on Trump

She calls Trump a Magician aka MAGA.  That is quite a compliment coming from AbramoBitch the spirit cooker (lolz). Trump the sorcerer. Trump the chaos agent.

Although Abramowitch is a great source of inspiration for other Jewish artists.  These are no Children of Abraham.