Atlantis Woo-Woo

Atlantis Woo-Woo

Do I believe any of this Woo-Woo?    Not necessarily but I know something is going on that is being hidden.  I also know that some of it is true and some of it is fantasy.   One thing is certain, it exercised the minds of scientists like Einstein and many other prominent people including Presidents. It was kept under wraps by the CIA.  Something is going on and it is connected with Atlantis and UFOs.  The fact is that certain influential people believe these things. And the past is connected to the present through the likes of Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell and her TerraMar Project which was interested in the same area.  On this see the previous article:

Janet Atlantis Marshal

I find their reliance on clairvoyants such as Peter Hurkos, Edgar Cayce and Elwood Babbitt suspect. The connections between Einstein, Hapgood and colonel Sanders (KFC) daughter are fascinating. Einsteins trip to Cuba and meeting the astronomer Hubble in Cuba is more than mere happenstance. Add to that the connections between Hemingway and JFK and you have the makings of a woo-woo thriller. There is even a disputed ancient map involved – the Piri Reis map which is said to have guided Columbus and that shows Antarctica as an ice free continent.

This is about “Atlantis” submerged over 700 meters (2300 feet) underwater, the Cuban city discovered by Paulina Zelitsky and Paul Weinzweig during a joint Cuban-Canadian expedition.  I think it plausible that some sort of ruins are situated there but rather than having “sunk” under the sea I prefer the hypothesis offered by Ancient Origins, namely that what is now the Caribbean sea was at one time a  basin below sea level protected by a ridge which now forms the island chain.  The sea broke through this ridge leaving the islands that we now find. The ridge was probably the result of volcanic activity.

Leaving to one side that the Richat Structure is a more likely candidate for the Atlantis that was known to the Greeks. However, clairvoyants like Cayce envisioned “Atlantis” as a land bridge stretching all the way to Africa with the ancient Atlantis dwellers in possession of the tuai stone (the terrible crystal) giving rise to advanced technologies.

Hapgood the proponent of crustal displacement (detachment) attracted the attention of Einstein but I believe Hapgood was a CIA spoiler operation on the work of Chan Thomas. Whatever the case, Hapgood was either fooled or an active participant in the Acámbaro figures which included dinosaurs.  The Dark Journalist mentions Gigi Young so I will have to look at some of her woo-woo stuff  but I suspect it will be way out there.  Antarctica is mentioned again at 01:49 and UFOs at 02:24 followed by Pole shift and Dinosaurs at 02:33.  I will place videos on Hapgood and on Thomas below the Dark Journalists video:

Dark Journalist X-129: Einstein & Hapgood In The HotZone Pole Shift Atlantis (03:05)

Hapgood’s Earth Crust Displacement Theory (22 min)

Chan Thomas: The Adam and Eve Story, Fact or Fiction? (30 min)


We do not need any clairvoyants to tells us about Pole Shift  because it is happening now and we have geological and other evidence from the Younger Dryas showing that the electro-magnetic  changes can alter jet stream positions and lead to increased seismic and volcanic activity.



The science of catastrophism is making a strong come back and rightly so.  It is patently ridiculous to be believe in gradualism and uniform change given all the scientific evidence available.

We are supposed to believe that life itself evolves and changes gradually over millions of years due to random mutations when fossil evidence shows the abrupt termination of species and the re-emergence of new species.   We are supposed to believe that the climate remained unchanged for millions and millions of years until we started driving cars?  We are supposed to believe that huge upheavals that we find in the geological record were incremental and gradual (p.s. remember to extinction of the dinosaurs).

Everything points to the fact that the powers in charge have deliberately withheld the truth and are gaslighting us.  How long have they known?  For the last two hundred years or is there an element which has know for millennia?  I believe that although some may have understood the myths it is only recently (200 years or so) that they have been given scientific credence.

In any case Suspicious Observers with Ben Davidson has done a brilliant job educating the public and his thesis of a solar micro-nova  is correct but not his crustal slippage causing a global tsunami.  Diamond from Magnetic reversal (who is a paleo-geologist) has debunked that by showing that we have deposits and formations much older than 12,600 years that would have been erased had there been a two mile high global tsunami.

What we face are rapid changing weather patterns, giant hail, earthquakes and volcanoes with a super flare (CME) or micro-nova (or whatever you want to call it). It is almost as if the Apocalypse is coming true (lolz). That is plenty devastating enough especially given our fragile infrastructure and penchant for centralizing everything into a single point of failure. It is not an extinction event but millions will die as civilization fails.  The “elite” have chosen to hide the truth and to use the coming chaos to rob us and experiment on us.  When it is over they intend to build back better (for them) and keep the rest of us imprisoned in their surveillance state.

THE Earth Disaster Documentary

This documentary is 1:33:22…..

It always makes me queasy when the the video duration is multiples of 11 (the Masonic number)

The Most Important Items Combined Into One Video | No more "Watch the dozens of videos", no more "Go watch the series playlist"... now there is ONE catch-up video for the earth catastrophe cycle... share it wisely. First, combine Chan Thomas, Charles Hapgood, Major White, August Dunning, Robert Felix, Robert Shoch, Albert Einstein, Randall Carlson and Douglas Vogt. Then, combine mythology, religion, 4 fields of astrophysics, 8 fields of geophysics, archeology and paleontology. Then add on the signs of the disaster unfolding now on earth, the other planets, the sun, nearby stars... and realize that the cycle timing is perfectly due again now. It's coming. Are you ready? 


Sunspots, Solar Forcing Confimations, Special Video | S0 News Dec.26.2021 (4 min)

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