Extinctions on Deck

Extinctions on Deck

Extinctions on Deck | Why Every Magnetic Flip Hits Hard (5 min)
No magnetic “flip” just a  magnetic excursion.

5 People Killed By Raging Floodwaters In SE PA – Geomagnetic Storm Watch – 7.2 Quake Tsunami Warning (10 min)

TSUNAMI Warning Issued After Massive M7.2 Earthquake Strikes Off The Coast of Southern Alaska (2 min)

Powerful M7.2 earthquake and tsunami waves hit Alaska, the USA (1 min)

7/16/2023 — Large M7.2 (M7.4) earthquake in Alaska — Seismic spread ongoing — West coast warning (22 min)

Every American Homeowner Needs to Watch This.(9 min)
 Are they using geoengineering?  Yes.  But of all the change that you are seeing most is natural.  Their attempts at geoengineering will be overwhelmed.  They can’t control what is coming but they will attempt to use it.

Waves of Extremes Across the Planet

Waves of Extremes Across the Planet

Waves of Extremes Across the Planet (Where is Next?)-16 min

Processes in the upper atmosphere contribute up to 90% of the total formaldehyde in the environment. Formaldehyde is an intermediate in the oxidation (or combustion) of methane, as well as of other carbon compounds, e.g. in forest fires, automobile exhaust, and tobacco smoke. When produced in the atmosphere by the action of sunlight and oxygen on atmospheric methane and other hydrocarbons, it becomes part of smog. Formaldehyde has also been detected in outer space.  This is interesting because the video I recently recommended said that micro-plastics in the ocean could be formed by the polymerization of gases under great pressure on the ocean floor and near hot vents.  That is certainly possible and very likely.  So, micro-plastics might well be a natural phenomenon.


Record Hailstone Sanger Texas – Canadian Wildfire Smoke Destroys Air Quality -Solar Farm Destruction (9 min)


Key Risks of the Pole Shifting Happening Now (4 min)


This was interesting (good discussion):

Humans Ancestors Survived Asteroid Impact That Killed The Dinosaurs -Cretaceous/Paleogene Extinction (55 min)


Waves of Extinction

Waves of Extinction

Waves of Extinction, Solar Eruptions, SkyScholar | S0 News Apr.29.2023 (2 min)

Tornado Flips Cars, Damages Homes, Palm Beach Gardens, FL – Mississippi Cresting – M2.4 Solar Flare (13 min)

Earthquake Warning, Mega-Flare, Atmosphere Changes | S0 News Apr.30.2023 (3 min)

4/30/2023 — Earthquake watch: West Coast USA / California moving now — Planet Wide seismic spread (51 min)

Miyake Events May Have Been Cometary Encounters Not Geomagnetic Storms – Full Discussion & Analysis (56 min)

Mass Extinction

Mass Extinction

I had to look this video up because Diamond mentioned it and Elon Musk tweeted about it….something like…what has 60 minutes become.  The video is a big lie and scaremongering propaganda. If there is an extinction event it will be God that does it, not man. Here is the egregious propaganda:

How agriculture hastens species extinction | 60 Minutes
YouTube·60 Minutes·1 Jan 2023

The earth has been cooling for five years (lolz)

Massive CME Off The Back Of The Sun – Winter Storm Hudson – Record Snow For The Sierra’s – Cycle 25 (15 min)

They are clamping down on the science now:

Solar Maximum, Micronova, Clamp-Down | Q and A Jan.3.2023 (7 min)

Magnetic Reversal vs Magnetic Excursion

Magnetic Reversal vs Magnetic Excursion

Earth’s Magnetic Poles Are Shifting -Magnetic Reversal vs Magnetic Excursion, Are They Bad For Life? (16 min)

Earth Changes & the Appearance/Disappearance of Species (2 min)

1,200 Top Scientists And Scholars Make A Declaration! “There Is No Climate Emergency”

I beg to differ….there is a climate emergency but it is not man made.    Stopping fossil fuels will make it worse.  CO2 is a lagging indicator and has very little to do with what is coming. The Jet-streams are changing.

9/13/2022 — Earthquakes spreading as expected to China, Iran, Japan, Chile, and West Coast USA (1:06)

The Big Cycles

The Big Cycles

COSMIC RAY ALERT!! – Solar and Geomagnetic Activity and their Effect on Human Physiology (3 min)

Cosmic Ray Alert, Kp Index has been at zero for 21hrs and counting. http://bit.ly/2keiUaE Solar and Geomagnetic Activity and their Effect on Human Physiology https://bit.ly/3F596TE Space Weather https://www.solarham.net/ Geomagnetic Score and Human Health Chart https://bit.ly/3qQQfqw The CIA studied the impact of space storms on psychic powers http://bit.ly/2pg8VUm

The South Carolina Earthquake Phenomenon – What Does The Geology Tell Us – Are We Due For A Big One? (13 min)

USGS Researcher calls earthquakes in South Carolina a scientific mystery https://bit.ly/3eWKxgX Earthquakes in South Carolina: https://bit.ly/32OlCKl Seismic Shaking Map US https://bit.ly/31zfgh7 People are unaware of how common earthquakes are in South Carolina https://bit.ly/3FYkC4x Solar Minimum Graph https://bit.ly/3t9ALjZ Biggest Earthquakes Near South Carolina https://bit.ly/3zASQZG

The Big Cycles, Solar Forcing, GETTR, Big Burb | S0 News Jan.4.2022 (4 min)


Ben on GETTR: https://www.gettr.com/user/bendavidso… Australian Power Grid: https://agupubs.onlinelibrary.wiley.c… Long-Term Signals: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science… Solar Forcing: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science…

Earth Changes Continue, STARFORGE, Solar Forcing | S0 News Jan.5.2022 (4 min)


Ionosphere Continues Perturbation, Field Weakening: https://www.mdpi.com/2073-4433/13/1/4… Decadal Solar Forcing: https://link.springer.com/article/10…. Latest Starforge: http://www.starforge.space/M2e4_fullp… Orion Flame Nebula: https://www.eso.org/public/news/eso2201/

Record Lightning, Magnetic Flip & The Great Dying, Sunspots | S0 News Jan.6.2022 (4 min)


C19 Stellar Stream: https://www.iac.es/en/outreach/news/p… Magnetic Reversal in Greatest Extinction: https://research.nsu.ru/en/publicatio…

Mike Morales: carmagggedon Freeze out Gas or electricity?

Not watched it yet…you will have to skip the intro.  Hope Mike  is still OK.




The science of catastrophism is making a strong come back and rightly so.  It is patently ridiculous to be believe in gradualism and uniform change given all the scientific evidence available.

We are supposed to believe that life itself evolves and changes gradually over millions of years due to random mutations when fossil evidence shows the abrupt termination of species and the re-emergence of new species.   We are supposed to believe that the climate remained unchanged for millions and millions of years until we started driving cars?  We are supposed to believe that huge upheavals that we find in the geological record were incremental and gradual (p.s. remember to extinction of the dinosaurs).

Everything points to the fact that the powers in charge have deliberately withheld the truth and are gaslighting us.  How long have they known?  For the last two hundred years or is there an element which has know for millennia?  I believe that although some may have understood the myths it is only recently (200 years or so) that they have been given scientific credence.

In any case Suspicious Observers with Ben Davidson has done a brilliant job educating the public and his thesis of a solar micro-nova  is correct but not his crustal slippage causing a global tsunami.  Diamond from Magnetic reversal (who is a paleo-geologist) has debunked that by showing that we have deposits and formations much older than 12,600 years that would have been erased had there been a two mile high global tsunami.

What we face are rapid changing weather patterns, giant hail, earthquakes and volcanoes with a super flare (CME) or micro-nova (or whatever you want to call it). It is almost as if the Apocalypse is coming true (lolz). That is plenty devastating enough especially given our fragile infrastructure and penchant for centralizing everything into a single point of failure. It is not an extinction event but millions will die as civilization fails.  The “elite” have chosen to hide the truth and to use the coming chaos to rob us and experiment on us.  When it is over they intend to build back better (for them) and keep the rest of us imprisoned in their surveillance state.

THE Earth Disaster Documentary

This documentary is 1:33:22…..

It always makes me queasy when the the video duration is multiples of 11 (the Masonic number)

The Most Important Items Combined Into One Video | No more "Watch the dozens of videos", no more "Go watch the series playlist"... now there is ONE catch-up video for the earth catastrophe cycle... share it wisely. First, combine Chan Thomas, Charles Hapgood, Major White, August Dunning, Robert Felix, Robert Shoch, Albert Einstein, Randall Carlson and Douglas Vogt. Then, combine mythology, religion, 4 fields of astrophysics, 8 fields of geophysics, archeology and paleontology. Then add on the signs of the disaster unfolding now on earth, the other planets, the sun, nearby stars... and realize that the cycle timing is perfectly due again now. It's coming. Are you ready? 


Sunspots, Solar Forcing Confimations, Special Video | S0 News Dec.26.2021 (4 min)

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Earth Disaster Documentary: https://youtu.be/ihwoIlxHI3Q The Tree of Life: http://www.onezoom.org Solar Driven Surface Current: https://www.spiedigitallibrary.org/co… Solar Cycle & NAO: https://agupubs.onlinelibrary.wiley.c…

Extinction Cycles

Extinction Cycles

Everything is patterns and cycles.

Tracking Extinction in Cycles, Electric Wind, Geomagnetism | S0 News Dec.13.2021 (4 min)

Today’s Featured Links:

Big Burb Episode 2: https://youtu.be/VU7OfMQfj80 Extinctions: https://www.nature.com/articles/s4146… Geomagnetic Storm Responses: https://agupubs.onlinelibrary.wiley.c… Triboelectric Charged Grains: https://arxiv.org/pdf/2112.05471.pdf

7.6 Downgraded In Indonesia – Record Snow Falling West US – Grimsvötn Jökulhlaup Watch – Record Cold (22 min)

74 dead, more than 100 still unaccounted for in Kentucky tornado https://nbcnews.to/3ETbqOv GFS Model Total Snowfall US https://bit.ly/31YXjbR Heavy Rain, Mountain Snow, and High Winds Impacting the Western and Central U.S. https://www.weather.gov/ Northern Hemisphere Total Snowmass Live Graph http://bit.ly/2lAFomU Insane temperature contrast in Russia 🇷🇺 today https://bit.ly/3IFNBvE Deep snow totals for the West, Tahoe up next https://bit.ly/3dPaRt0 Awu volcano (Sangihe Islands, Indonesia): increasing seismic activity since October, Volcanic Alert Level raised to Level 2 https://bit.ly/3e4IRBX Awu https://s.si.edu/3DWGFXs Grimsvötn volcano (Iceland): jökulhlaup warning, new glacial flood peak expected in 5-10 days https://bit.ly/3m2lRaQ Spanish island volcano eruption hits local record of 85 days https://bit.ly/30oBPEN Spain orders 33,000 to seal themselves indoors over toxic gas from volcano https://bit.ly/31THanT La Palma volcano eruption update: eruption intensifies intermittently https://bit.ly/3EYoWAf La Palma Volcano Volcanic Ash Advisory: ERUPTION AT 20210919/1410Z ONGOING ERUPTION https://bit.ly/3GI0vYo Earthquakes Today: latest quakes near La Palma volcano: past 24 hours https://bit.ly/3hLpMXk http://www.ign.es/web/resources/volca… 🔴 Live La Palma Volcano Eruption (Multiview) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mDDqS… Parade of Planets: Crescent moon, five planets, two asteroids to align in the night sky tonight https://bit.ly/3m3rMwu Scientists studying microplastics in Antarctica discover that 89 per cent of samples analysed came from the paint on their OWN SHIP https://bit.ly/3oUgNr7 Collapse of the mammoth-steppe in central Yukon as revealed by ancient environmental DNA https://www.nature.com/articles/s4146…

12/13/2021 — Large Earthquake M7.3 strikes Indonesia West Pacific — “That time of year.. December” (35 min)