Blame the unvaccinated

Blame the unvaccinated

We told you so.  The vaccine does not stop transmission or illness or even death. And it is not even a vaccine it is a gene therapy.  We told you they would put the blame on those who are not vaccinated.  The dreaded anti-vaxxers.   They will not answer the question as to why the vaccines are not working.

There is evidence that both Covid (the bioweapon) and the “vaccine” can cause protein miss-folding.  There will be a lot of degenerative neurological disease in the next few years. These people are monsters.

Israel was meant to be the testing lab. The vaccinated are ending up in hospital. They have not been protected and even more importantly…..what will their health be like in the next few years?   As Dr Kevin McCairn points out…both the disease (Covid) and the “vaccine” are dangerous.  Covid is initially harmless for many people but it probably acts like a sleeper cell or a Trojan inducing inflammatory responses down the line.  What have these criminals done to the human race?  

My take on this is similar to McCairn.  Wait and see. Collect data….keep your head down strengthen your immune system and prepare to withdraw.  Have faith and pray.


Double Jabbed

Double Jabbed

The side effects of the vaccine are already proving more serious than many anticipated.

Apart from problems with the cardiovascular system (including blood clots etc) it is suspected that long term effects may induce protein miss-folding and therefore  be neuro-degenerative (see Dr. Kevin McCairn articles on this blog). I certainly hope that is not the case but it is apparent that this unnecessary gene therapy (it is not a vaccine) has increased  immune stress on the body. The mRNA therapy instructs your own cells to produce spike proteins but the spike protein itself is toxic.  Your body reacts by making specific antigens against that spike but in my book this is Frankenstein science messing with delicate cellular mechanism leaves the process open to the law of unforeseen consequences.  And that is if you trust the scientists and the people behind this.  Which I definitely do not.  Why would I trust people who openly call themselves eugenicists and trans-humanists?  Why?

I hope and I pray that the vaccinated remain O.K.  Even if the worst case scenarios do not emerge their immune system is compromised. It will never be the same.  Think that I am exaggerating?  What do I know…I am just a tin-foil hat conspiracy theorist.  Well perhaps you are ready to listen to Dr David Bauer from the Francis Crick (you know the guy who discovered DNA) Institute?


So, let me summarize for you. Leaving the worst case scenarios to one side you have destroyed your God given natural immunity and made yourselves dependent on pharma who can apparently whip out “boosters” at will with their brand new shiny mRNA platform. I told you in advance yet here we are.  ARE YOU READY TO LISTEN YET?

The first step is- no more boosters. Nothing. Nada.  Whatever happens, happens.  The second step is to maximize your immunity. It does work if you stick with it.  This list comes from Dr. Judy Mikovitz and I have looked up the scientific literature.  Start straight away with these treatments.  The treatments below will prevent viral load and they will work against the spike as well.  Give your body a chance to recover. 

Holistic Therapies for strengthening immunity


As a PDF (to download)

Download and send it to your family and friends if they have been jabbed.  It will do them no harm and may save their life.

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