Lifestyle Changes

Lifestyle Changes

It is apparent we are shifting monetary systems to a resource backed global reserve currency, and along with this a massive shift in lifestyles in countries that have never experienced hardship. This is what you can expect for food, energy, homes and money moving through the next nine months. 

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Severe Shortages On Chicken, Eggs And Other Dairy Products Expected To Become Critical Over The Next Months – The Politics Behind Starving A Nation… The Skyrocketing Price Of Fertilizer Has Caused A Worldwide Nightmare That Global Leaders Can No Longer Deny… FISHERIES AND AQUACULTURE PROJECTIONS UN FAO… DTN Fertilizer Trends: Nitrogen Prices Keep Setting New Records… World Nitrogen Demand to Increase in 2022… More Fertilizer Volatility?… Planting Amid Ag Chemicals Crisis… DTN Grain Midday: Soybean, Wheat Futures Higher; Corn Mixed…

Biden pays farms to STOP – EU out of Feed – Meat taxes & Chicken permits – Up to you to GROW FOOD! (25 min)

Even as Biden and Trudeau announce food shortages, farmers are being paid to STOP farming. Chickens are now "illegal animals" in more municipalities, requiring a permit, "due to bird flu." The EU is culling livestock as they run out of animal feed, and the Netherlands is seriously considering a meat tax. -- And yet, there is a resurgence of regenerative agriculture and community victory gardens, as people realize it is UP TO US to feed our families going forward! Christian breaks down the latest developments in the Food Wars in this Ice Age Farmer broadcast.