Egypt Redux Live-stream

Egypt Redux Live-stream

This is the PowerPoint presentation (see under the tweet clips) which will be used during the live-stream this afternoon (hopefully) .  The Live stream can be viewed on Rumble you can use the chat for question or comments if you have an account. The other viewing options are on the McCairn Dojo where you can join the Raccoon Discord which has a live-stream chat option and its own video platform (WTYL). But first, in order to introduce the subject a few clips:

Egypt Redux PPT Presentation

From Gnostics To Transhumanists: The Kabbalah Denominator (4:00)

Missing the first 45 minutes:

You can click the expand (bottom right) to maximize the presentation (give it about a minute to load) or you can download and save it (I think you need PowerPoint to view it) or you can use the One Drive Share Link to view online.


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The presentation as a PDF (it has certain videos embedded which will not work):

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Previous video on the subject:

Down the Rabbit Hole (Part-1) -2:12 (on WTYL)

Marxism, transhumanism, Kabbalah and Gnosticism

[Video link for Odysee:]

Gnosticism Hannock
THOTH's PROPHECY read from the Hermetic Texts by Graham Hancock (10 min)
Gnosticism Hannock
The Creation of the Universe, The False Reality, and The Divine Spark (27 min)
Rough video (Hannock Gnosticism) transcript (Key points):
-as above so below
-upper Egypt Gnostic texts Nag Hamadi
-same time as DSS
-Contain pseudigraphia.....knowledge being withheld
-300 BC-400 AD sects Gnosticism
-divine spark
-liberate the divine spark
-true nature
-you are in a game a simulation
-creator of the universe a frequency Sophia Wisdom personification
-fractal energy golden mean DNA etc
-could the Gnostic text be describing the frequency of creation and reality?
-universe pure consciousness...wants to it can experience itself
-everything is an illusion
-Sophia the flow of reality
-hidden hidden
-Satan (Enlil) appears in the garden as Yahweh to enslave mankind
-The serpent appears to free mankind
-How did good and evil get so flipped
-We got flipped
-Hebrews pass on information over generations
-We have forgotten
-Pre-existing spirit - circle everywhere -circumference nowhere
-the pleroma -the fullness
-pleroma -frequency
-quantum physics
-pre-existent tension - archons pre-exist in light
-Sophia (godess) aeon she dreams and creates singularity anthropos
-she splits some remains above some below
-celestial Sophia
-earthly Sophia- corrupt world-material world -prison
-deep within us the divine spark
-the "demiurge" the creator of the material world. Demiurge is the architect or craftsman
-Demiurge created himself and the archons - to get rid of the divine spark to snuff it out
-the earth a prison for souls
-to keep us separate from the Monad
-The Apocraphon of John
-the archons - the planets -SATURN -Yaldabaoth or Samael
-Gohst in the machine-Sophia reincarnating herself
-It really feels like science fiction...the films express the same
-Ti-am-ata- mothergodess -all powerfull -the lizard mothers
-Enuma Elish -Sumerian..Ti-am-ata (sophia energy) taken over by the demiurge (not the true creator)
-Enki keeps the sophia alive.
-All the suff excevated in Egypt....Enki becomes Osiris
-The Sophia returns to the logos
-Energy release from the sun (solar flare)
-Massive transformation
-Do the Gnostic texts support Sumerian story
-We are lost, we have forgotten etc
-Everything unified we are separated by misguided perception
-a seed planted in the bible instead of the lies that the demiurge has spread.

John the Baptist, Mandaesim and Gnosticism

According to the Mandaean text the Haran Gawaita, the Nasoraean Mandaeans, who were disciples of John the Baptist, left Judea/Palestine and migrated to Media in the 1st century CE.The reason given for this was their persecution in Jerusalem. The emigrants went first to Haran (possibly Harran in modern-day Turkey), or Hauran and then the Median hills in Iran, before finally settling in the southern provinces of Mesopotamia (modern day Iraq).
****Note that Paul found disciples of the Baptist in Asia Minor (Ephesus see Acts 19) who had never heard of Jesus. The Mandaean sect held Gnostic tpe beliefs.
Either merge with AI or be left behind
i can't hide this any longer ONE: ARTICLE QUANTUM PHYSCIS
As philosopher of science Rasmus Jaksland points out, this eventually implies that there are no individual objects in the universe anymore; that everything is connected with everything else: “Adopting entanglement as the world making relation comes at the price of giving up separability. But those who are ready to take this step should perhaps look to entanglement for the fundamental relation with which to constitute this world (and perhaps all the other possible ones).” Thus, when space and time disappear, a unified One emerges.
What is Hermeticism? (29 min)
HIDDEN Connections Of The Hermetics, The Kabbalah, Alchemist's, Freemasons & Egyptians!!
The 7 Hermetic Principles of The Kybalion Explained (new Age Stuff)
THE KYBALION (nt Kabbalah)

Lecture by James Lindsay….highly recommended.