Dr. Robert Malone

Dr. Robert Malone

Dr Malone was deeply involved with DARPA etc.  It looks like he is running a damage limitation exercise. Purity tests to one side this was his testimony at the Texas hearings.

Dr. Robert Malone -Texas Senate HHS 6/27/2022 FULL SPEECH

The immune compromised are making mutants. but Malone says about 39 mins that Geert could be right about a worse evolution of covid.  He warns that we need to get prepared for  worse covid variants.

"...there is evidence - this is key- there's evidence that infection of individuals who are immunologically impaired or compromised - in other words those who have immunodeficiencies, I'm not just talking about aids, there's a lot of different kinds of immunodeficiencies such as people have uhm we were talking about organ transplantation and cancer treatments - these people may often become chronically infected with omicron and these appear according to the science, the latest publications to be the individuals that are disproportionately driving the development of the escape mutants"

Cumbre Vieja Volcano

Cumbre Vieja Volcano

Earthquakes are picking up again.  It is not over yet.

La Palma Volcano: increasing tremor, lava flows destroy town of Todoque https://bit.ly/2XBbzoI La Palma Earthquakes vs Depth https://bit.ly/2XseTTk La Palma volcano eruption update: lava flows urban center of Todoque, numerous road closures https://bit.ly/3ucaU9P Quick summary of recent volcanic eruptions on La Palma, Canary Islands https://bit.ly/3hQJmlm Fake news: Canary Islands volcano eruption won’t cause East Coast megatsunami https://bit.ly/3AIEmGV DIRECTO: La lava del volcán sigue su avance en la isla de La Palma https://bit.ly/3tVJu7S Drone shows lava swallowing La Palma swimming pool https://bit.ly/3nUYyBQ Etna volcano (Italy): new paroxysm from SE crater sends tall ash plume to 9,000 m altitude https://bit.ly/3hTdMDA

Cumbre Vieja Volcano eruption, La Palma: Increasing Tremor – Lava Flows Destroy Town Of Todoque (6 min)

Flare Watch, Lightning, Sun Affects Immune System | S0 News Sep.21.2021 (5 min)

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