Thin Veneer

Thin Veneer

Civilization is only a thin veneer and their are 8 billion of us on the planet.  This is part 2 of the interview with David Morgan (25 min)

Thin Veneer of Civilization (David Morgan 2/2) 25 min

David Morgan of the and David DuByne from ADAPT 2030 discuss energy shortages rocking the planet with gas, coal and electricity shortfalls cascading to greenhouse and mining shutdowns as supply chain gridlock and massive inflation lead to food insecurity and eventual rationing. This is what to expect in 2022 and 2023. Are your prepared with food & energy as society begins to unravel? Its going to get messy and scary.


Woo-woo science

It sounds a bit woo-woo but David DuByne is right. There will be frequency changes and there will be signs in the sky (plasma discharges and shapes, auroras, z-pinch etc). The sun may change color and the sky may change color.  Who knows?  It will freak a lot of people and it will change mental and physical health.   It may even be used by the unscrupulous as signs and wonders. Don’t be fooled.

Chizhevsky is recognized as the founder of solar-earth research, having proved that the Sun’s activity has an effect on many terrestrial phenomena,including human mental life and activity


And then it went boom (5 min)

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Geomagnetic Oscillation: https://agupubs.onlinelibrary.wiley.c… Atmospheric Bridge: https://agupubs.onlinelibrary.wiley.c… Solar Flare Equatorial Ionosphere Forcing: https://agupubs.onlinelibrary.wiley.c… Iron Sub-Earth:…

Communist detainment

Communist detainment

They are using the excuse of “mental instability” to detain people in psychiatric wards like they used to do in Soviet Russia.

Dr. Nagase joins us again to this time talk about the illegal detainment of Dr. Mel Bruchet who was seized by 8 police officers and forced into a psychiatric hospital where he was force drugged and diagnosed with frontal lobe dementia and is still being held without just cause.

The case comes in the same week when an Alberta Firefighter was seized under similar abusive use of the Mental Health Act.

Dr. Nagase has emerging details of this story as well as pertinent data released by Pfizer which should make every Canadian stand up and pay attention to the stripping of our rights and medical freedom.



Pfizer Documents Reveal Over 1,200 Vaccine Deaths Over 90-Day Trial Period




Storm Warning

Storm Warning

If the web or YouTube go down in the next 24-36 hours you will know why.

CME Impact Just Occurred! G2 Geomagnetic Storm Ongoing – Strong G3 Storm Warning Is In Effect!

What looks to be an interplanetary shock just passed the DSCOVR spacecraft within the past half hour. The solar wind speed increased from around 480 km/s to just over 600 km/s. This is likely related to the CME activity from the past several days. A minor (G1) to moderate (G2) geomagnetic storm watch is in effect for the next 24-48 hours. More to follow. GOES X-Ray Flux… Geomagnetic Storms and Human Health Aroura Potential Map Solar Wind Prediction (Enlil Spiral) The duration of solar flares….

UK Column News – 17th June 2020

UK Column News – 17th June 2020


Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and Alex Thomson with today’s UK Column News.

START – Fake news: MPs legislate to ban protests…
Are these headlines deliberately designed to incite a public reaction…?
Infiltrated…? Guido Fawkes website also publishes the story
08:05 – BLM poster looks suspiciously similar to Ukrainian protest poster
Soros money again…?
‘Hero BLM supporter’ follow-up: who is Patrick Hutchinson…?
Black Lives Matter Ltd company set up on 8 June 2020…
Who is company director David Wilkes-Carmichael…?
Hutchinson’s friends on the day of protest were from a private protection company
21:38 – UK Column article: Do veteran’s lives matter at the Ministry of Defence…?
Political interference…? Civil Service now backing BLM on internal memos…
23:40 – David Noakes (GcMAF) extradited to France
24:44 – Astute UK Column viewer’s email regarding COVID-19 policy in a school
27:15 – The Telegraph: keep quiet on two-metre rule, Sage experts told
Oh dear, cracks are appearing in the social distancing scam
Guardian: NHS warns betting firms against using ‘reckless’ ads to exploit football’s return
UK Column has a related question
NHS team clearly recognise the CV situation and its adverse impact on mental health
The government’s dangerous, covert attack on our minds and mental health
Behavioural Insights Team: the perceived level of personal threat needs to be increased…
NHS Mental Health service likely to morph into a veritable Stasi…
Controlling people through their perception of the world
Wired: an army of volunteers is taking on vaccine disinformation online
The Public Good Project: the science and art of communication for change…
41:40 – Boris announces a new medication for COVID-19: Dexamethasone
MHRA: HydroxyChloroQuine trials stopped (without a fair trial)
Cost of Dexamethasone dose is vastly more than HydroxyChloroQuine
46:47 – Boris announces integration of DfID and Foreign & Commonwealth Office
Is the DfID under too much scrutiny by the public and needs hiding away…?
52:06 – Guardian: with those in power failing us
Guardian gets its underwear in a twist as its ‘broken leaders’ public funding gravy train runs dry
Guardian begging for pennies to support its work protecting those in power