Thin Veneer

Thin Veneer

Civilization is only a thin veneer and their are 8 billion of us on the planet.  This is part 2 of the interview with David Morgan (25 min)

Thin Veneer of Civilization (David Morgan 2/2) 25 min

David Morgan of the and David DuByne from ADAPT 2030 discuss energy shortages rocking the planet with gas, coal and electricity shortfalls cascading to greenhouse and mining shutdowns as supply chain gridlock and massive inflation lead to food insecurity and eventual rationing. This is what to expect in 2022 and 2023. Are your prepared with food & energy as society begins to unravel? Its going to get messy and scary.


Woo-woo science

It sounds a bit woo-woo but David DuByne is right. There will be frequency changes and there will be signs in the sky (plasma discharges and shapes, auroras, z-pinch etc). The sun may change color and the sky may change color.  Who knows?  It will freak a lot of people and it will change mental and physical health.   It may even be used by the unscrupulous as signs and wonders. Don’t be fooled.

Chizhevsky is recognized as the founder of solar-earth research, having proved that the Sun’s activity has an effect on many terrestrial phenomena,including human mental life and activity


And then it went boom (5 min)

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