Strange convergence?

Sign of the times or coincidence?

Seems to me that we are at the start of the pouring out of the vials. The Final Full Moon Of This Decade On 12/12 At Exactly 12:12 AM Is Precisely 6,666 Days From 9/11









Perhaps it is just coincidence were it not for the fact that the UK election happened on 12/12 and resulted in a big win for the Anglo-Zionists.  We add to this that Israel must have a third election which according to Israeli law would fall on Purim but for obvious reasons will be held later.  With the deadline to form a government ending at 11 December at midnight (therefore start of 12/12), elections called 90 days later would be held on 10 March. However, as that would conflict with the Jewish holiday of Purim, the elections would likely be held either one week earlier on 3 March, or one week later on 17 March.

The fact that the election should “officially” be held on Purim is seen to have all sorts of implications.   Purim was a feast from the Persian period where the Jews defeated their enemies. Ancient Persia is roughly the territory of present day Iran.

Whatever you make of all this it seems to me that we are moving into the last phase of “the kingdom of men”.